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  • Last all-male board ends on the S&P 500. But there are still 4 on the ASX 200

    22 August

    The sole remaining company on the S&P 500 without a woman on its board has finally appointed a woman to break up its all-male...

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  • Women leaders also have a responsibility to inspire other women: Misha Joshi, VMwareDATAQUEST

    22 August

    How has the perception towards women in tech changed over the years? India has some of the highest numbers of women pursuing...

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  • Fathers getting paid parental leave can help women's careers

    22 August

    Fathers getting paid parental leave can help women's careers Anna Patty 13:28, Aug 22 2019 Reddit Millennial men felt least...

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Latest research

  • Female entrepreneurs are battling Britain's £250bn gender bias problem

    “Mummy, she’s beautiful... And she looks like me,” said Selma Nicholls’ three-year old daughter Riley-Ann, excitedly pointing at...

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  • How Women Can Escape the Likability Trap

    Powerful women know how to flip feminine stereotypes to their advantage.

    For this and more articles from PWN Global, join our...

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  • Companies with more female bosses see better stock-market performance, research finds

    Companies with better representation of women in their workforce and their senior ranks see better share-price returns than...

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