Dr Ryane Meralli-Ballou

During her studies in private law, Ryane Meralli-Ballou obtained a Doctorate in intellectual property, particularly by focusing on copyright. She has long practised in intellectual property law and the protection of new creations and innovations, namely design, innovation and trademark law and in company law.

Since the 2010s, the digital shift has made it necessary to protect personal data, which is a guarantee of liberty. At the same time, her interest in women's rights and career achievement has been an ever-present focus. Her involvement with PWN Paris over years has been a founding axis for learning and sharing with peers about their development. She especially focused on organising the Welcoming Committee for new members, Mentoring Volonteers and getting involved in the PWN Paris Entrepreneurship Club and Durable Entrepreneur Award.

More recently, Ryane has taken the initiative of creating a PWN Chapter in Madagascar.

Ryane is now a Consultant in a young law firm called mosaik.legal and founded think-tank, propriety-immatérielles.org, to developing insights on personal data development and ethics. 

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